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David Schnurman

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  • Teachem's FAQ

    Teachem's FAQ

    We figured the best way to teach you how to use this platform would be through our on teachem branded FAQ School. So that is what we did!  Any additional question please email support@teachem.com or click the dialgue box in the lower right-hand side of the website. 

  • Amazing Interviews & Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Amazing Interviews & Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Why We Started TrueNYC
    • The simple fact is that nothing like this exists! While there are many books, magazines, and websites tailored to starting a business, there is nothing that focuses on guidance from NYC entrepreneurs.
    • The feature of watching interviews makes learning more enjoyable then just reading another article on the topic.
    Our Goal
    • TrueNYC targets those individuals who would like to start a business in New York City, but need some guidance.

    • In addition, individuals who have already started their own business can learn from listening to other successful entrepreneurs.

    • The hope is that you can use this advice on your road to success.

    Visit Us 
    • Feel free to call our offices at 877-TRUE-212 (877-8783-212) or email at info@truenyc.com

  • The School of Lifelong Learning

    The School of Lifelong Learning

    This school is for me. Feel free to try any of my classes. 

  • Election 2012: Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

    Election 2012: Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

    This is an important election so watch these to learn! 

  • Video Tutorials

    Video Tutorials

    This is FurtherEd's Video Tutorial School.

    Which include tutorials for

    • Lawline.com
    • FurtherEd CPE
    • FurtherEd Tech


    If you have additional question please visit http://support.lawline.com

  • FurtherEd TV - Fridays @ 10:00am on Ustream

    FurtherEd TV - Fridays @ 10:00am on Ustream

    FurtherEd, formerly Lawline, airs weekly on Ustream, showcasing the efforts of thought leaders operating in the domain of learning and growth.

    Day: Every Friday
    Time: 10:00 - 10:30am

    At FurtherEd, our mission is to deliver knowledge to the world to inspire change. Why? Because we believe change leads to personal growth. Each week we look at educators and innovators who believe that knowledge is power, and change is imperative.


  • Mother Goose Club

    Mother Goose Club

    Welcome to the Mother Goose Club!

    Mother Goose Club is an educational, entertaining rhyme- and song-based multi-media resource for preschool-aged children. Colorful videos, airing on local PBS stations, feature six memorable characters that lead children through classic nursery rhymes, encouraging them to clap, dance and sing along. You'll quickly see that kids love spending time with Teddy Jack, Bo Peep, Baa Baa, Mary and Eep.

    Explore our website and dive into nursery rhymes. You'll discover terrific tools for parents and teachers, including favorite videos, rhyme lyrics, rhyme historiessongsprintables and alphabet writing pages. Check out our shop for award-winning products on our estore. Then, make a beeline for the Mother Goose Club YouTube channel for even more videos, and join the phenomenon that's launched over 350 million views to date -- the Mother Goose Club!


    A Love of Reading Begins with Rhymes

    Research has shown that familiarity with Mother Goose and other nursery rhymes helps children to develop pre-reading skills, the first step in becoming successful readers. How do nursery rhymes help? As children hear, sing or read nursery rhymes, they develop "phonemic awareness" or the ability to detect the individual sounds that make up words, a crucial first step in learning to read. Nursery rhymes, especially Mother Goose rhymes, also introduce children to new vocabulary which increases comprehension and benefits learning in all subjects. The delight children experience as they engage in rhyme activities fosters an enduring enthusiasm for books and reading.

  • Crash Course

    Crash Course

    Six awesome courses in one awesome channel. John Green teaches you US History and Hank Green teaches you Chemistry.

  • Continuing Legal Education

    Continuing Legal Education

    Tell us about your school

  • For Kevin

    For Kevin

    Thought you would enjoy watching this company wide meeting we had today. 

  • Yammer for EO

    Yammer for EO

    Tell us about your school

  • mentor


    Tell us about your school

  • EO NY Events

    EO NY Events

    This private school will whole videos from EO NYC Events

  • Lawline Team Training

    Lawline Team Training

    This is where the Lawline Training magic happens

  • The Institute of Financial Empowerment

    The Institute of Financial Empowerment

    Tell us about your school

  • Universal University

    Universal University

    Universally understanding the unending uniqueness of the universe.

  • The School of Real Estate

    The School of Real Estate

    I have 35 years of experience in investing in real estate. Let my passion and knowledge help  guide  you to success. 

    Alan Schnurman

  • Home Schooling

    Home Schooling

    Learn how to do home improvement projects - installing flooring, hanging drywall, techniques for painting, and much more! 

  • T.T.'s Institute of Salesology

    T.T.'s Institute of Salesology

    This School is geared towards showing sales people the best techniques to obtain their ultimate objective...THE SALE!!

  • The Essentials for the Professional World

    The Essentials for the Professional World

    An integral part of any business man’s dress is his tie and, not only as formal attire but also as a semi formal attire, a tie holds an important place while it holds the shirt collar to the throat of the man. A man’s individuality and style is well described and displayed from the tie he wears. It is also one single piece of clothing upon a man that makes him distinct in a crowd and makes others 

    We could however group ties under two major categories, the bow and the long tie. The bow tie is usually restricted to usage at formal events while the long tie can be worn at any occasion. The long tie ranges in dimension from 1 inch to 5 inch by width. Tying the knot of the tie is another fashion and art of its own. A variety of knots named Windsor, Pratt and Four in Hand knot exists.

    Tie is today a symbol of status. A man wearing a tie made up of silk material would be labelled as one of affluence and influencer both financially as well as politically. Clubs have made tie a mandatory dress code and entry to exclusive clubs is unheard of without a tie.

    The importance of tie to a man has grown many fold and one must be aware of this aspect if one wishes to make a distinct place in the society one breathes in.

  • Schenktraining.com Helping you learn grow and prosper

    Schenktraining.com Helping you learn grow and prosper

    We help people become the best they can be learning a proper foundation for lifelong success

    we teach people skills, sales skills, business skills, what it takes to be great skills

  • puppies101


    Come join our school where you will learn quick, simple ways to tame your wild beast you love so dearly. We will teach you everything from getting your puppy to learn the command "stay" to how to get your beloved Spike to stop barking at the wind.

  • Top 10 Drinks Any Home Bartender Should Know

    Top 10 Drinks Any Home Bartender Should Know

    Have you ever had a dinner party and have someone asked you to make a drink? In this school, you can learn how to make some of the most popular drinks out there today! 

  • Boxing 101

    Boxing 101

    Ever wonder how to box like a pro?  What's the difference between a right-cross and a right hook?  Learn all the basics you will need to get started as a boxer!

  • Road to Success

    Road to Success

    There are three fundemental pillars to becoming a mainting success. First, you must possess mental toughness. That is you must do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Second, you must focus. You need to vizualize and create the life you want in your mind and foucs on it like a lazer beam.   Finally, you must take action. You must follow through and actually take steps to becoming successful.

  • LMAO


    The school of.... Laughing My A** Off!

  • The School of Parenting

    The School of Parenting

    The School of Parenting's mission is to provide answers to common questions of new and experienced parents, particularly those with kids with developmental delays like aspergers and high functioning autism.

  • Exercise and Fitness

    Exercise and Fitness

    From the basics to advanced training, Exercise and Fitness TeachEm School will provide you with clear instruction on all of your favorite activities.

  • Skateboard Academy

    Skateboard Academy

    So you bought a skateboard in an attempt to look "cool" and cruise around doing tricks and gettin' all the chicks. Unfortunately, as soon as you stepped on it, you either a)fell or b)were too scared and tried jumping off and fell.

    Now you are looking to become a top dog in the skateboarding world. You want to conquer your fear and fling the board under your feet like a pro. You have come to the right place: Skateboard Academy will have you cruisin' in no time.

  • Public Transportation Gurufication

    Public Transportation Gurufication

    So much to tell, so much to learn young Padiwan.

  • Google Apps Academy

    Google Apps Academy

    About the Google Apps Academy

    The Google Apps Academy is an educational resource to help growing businesses and their employees how to make the most of Google Apps. On the course list, you'll find tips for everyone from power users to technophobes.

    At Profound Cloud, we are undoubtedly Google Apps experts. Having been a Google Apps customer since we opened our doors in 2007, less than a year after the product was launched, we've seen the platform come a long way from its infancy to the full-featured business messaging and collaboration solution that it is today.

    About Profound Cloud

    Operating out of our New York City headquarters, Profound Cloud provides IT services designed specifically to address the technology needs of growing small businesses.

    Profound Cloud approaches IT support with a different philosophy than most IT companies. We believe in “People First IT”. Every member of our staff, from the help desk to our senior leadership, all understand how to tackle complex technical problems while offering the highest quality service with a personal touch


  • Believe


    This school is a collection of videos I watch on a regular basis to push me forward and remind me of what I am capable of.

  • Lawline TV

    Lawline TV

    Tell us about your school