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  • DecisionQuest's Online Jury Research Tool: Guided Tour

    10.24.2012 1 16

    DecisionQuest's Online Jury Research Tool: Guided Tour

    DecisionQuest recognizes that not every case warrants the investment required for traditional jury research. At the same time, the ability to ascertain likely juror reactions to a case, the chance to gauge witness credibility, identify any strengths or weaknesses in the case story, or test drive graphics being considered for trial -- would be of incredible value to any trial team. With that in mind, DecisionQuest created Online Jury Research -- a fast, cost-effective way to understand how a jury is likely to view your case. DecisionQuest Online Jury Research offers you the chance to design your own research, ask your own questions or utilize questions from the database and gather information from respondents -- whether it's ten, 300 or 1,000 -- usually overnight. You select a group of jury-eligible individuals from a specific geographic area, or you may choose a broad cross section of jury-eligible individuals from throughout the country. These "surrogate jurors" provide quality survey data on a variety of aspects associated with the case. The surrogate jurors answer your online survey in the privacy of their homes or offices, without peer or group influence. As an option you can upload videotaped opening statements, depositions, exhibits or graphics for their review. DecisionQuest provides pretested questions tailored to a large variety of case types, for no additional fee. You build a survey and may also include open-ended questions that require a narrative response so you can have further insight into how your case is seen by your surrogate jurors. Results are delivered to you in a simple format.

  • JuryStar Law Student Demonstration

    10.23.2012 1 9

    JuryStar Law Student Demonstration

    JuryStar Law Student is the original JuryStar voir dire ipad app. This demonstration shows then version 1.3, now known as JuryStar Law Student. Want additional training to incorporate this voir dire best practices app into your curriculum? Please contact us at info@litigatortechnology.com to schedule a free personalized demo via skype or conference call.