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  • Writing the equation of a line

    12.05.2012 33 0

    Algebra 1 Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Mod D

    Writing the equation of a line

     http://www.freemathvideos.com In this video series I show you how to write an equation either in standard form or slope intercept form. I will write equations from one form to another or when given one or two points and another equation of a line. I show how to math videos so that my students and people all over can follow how to solve math problems. I post all of my videos on youtube but if you are looking for other ways to interact with me and my videos you can follow/like and visit the following pages: Tumbler: mrbrianmclogan.tumblr.com, Blogger: mrbrianmclogan.blogspot.com, Twitter: @mrbrianmclogan Facebook: mrbrianmclogan Youtube: youtube.com/mrbrianmclogan