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  • Basic Spanish Instruction

    01.06.2015 1 0


    Basic Spanish Instruction

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  • Dolores y Esperanza

    10.14.2013 1 8


    Dolores y Esperanza

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  • - Preterito - verbos irregulares

    11.07.2012 1 0

    AHHS - Sra. Martha E Rodríguez

    - Preterito - verbos irregulares

    This video lesson covers a song that I learned back as a high school Spanish student. It teaches you the 'yo' form of many of the irregulars verbs in the preterite (a past tense). Although I didn't mention it as being part of the lyrics in the video, these irregulars do not have any accent marks when written. Lyrics: tener es tuve; estar estuve ir es fui y también ser poner es puse; poder es pude traje es para traer hacer hice; haber hube; saber supe; querer quise; decir dije; venir vine; ver vi; dar di; no acentos I didn't write it. It's pretty awesome though. Rate this video if it was helpful! Let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to share if you have a special way of remembering the irregulars in the preterite. For more free Spanish video lessons, word banks and verb conjugation charts, visit http://www.senorjordan.com For extensive preterite sheet and song: http://www.senorjordan.com/2008/12/preterite-sheet/ Thanks for watching!