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  • 1.4 Find the zeros of the function algebraically

    12.11.2012 5 0

    Pre-calculus 1.4 Analyzing Graphs of Functions

    1.4 Find the zeros of the function algebraically

    http://www.freemathvideos.com In thisvideo tutorial I show you how to find the zeros of the function. I do this by plugging in zero for the dependent variable, f(x), and solving for the dependent variable using algebra. The methods I use to solve for x include completing the square, factoring, square root method, and the quadratic formula. This math problem was filmed during online live instruction for class. This is my way of providing a free tutorial for students that want to learn math from an online tutor. Please visit my website listed above where you can view all of my math lessons. Every video is a short clip that shows exactly how to solve math problems step by step. The problems are done in real time and in front of a live classroom. These videos are intended to help you learn how to solve math problems, review how to solve math problems, study for a test, finish your homework and get a better grade in your math class. Please write to me and let me know how I can better help you!