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  • How To Tie a Tie

    10.02.2012 5 5

    The Essentials for the Professional World

    How To Tie a Tie

    An integral part of any business man?s dress is his tie and, not only as formal attire but also as a semi formal attire, a tie holds an important place while it holds the shirt collar to the throat of the man. A man?s individuality and style is well described and displayed from the tie he sports. It is also one single piece of clothing upon a man that makes him distinct in a crowd and makes others see it. 


    We could however group ties under two major categories, the bow and the long tie. The bow tie is usually restricted to usage at formal events while the long tie can be worn at any occasion. The long tie ranges in dimension from 1 inch to 5 inch by width. Tying the knot of the tie is another fashion and art of its own. A variety of knots named Windsor, Pratt and Four in Hand knot exists.

    Tie is today a symbol of status. A man wearing a tie made up of silk material would be labelled as one of affluence and influencer both financially as well as politically. Clubs have made tie a mandatory dress code and entry to exclusive clubs is unheard of without a tie.

    The importance of tie to a man has grown many fold and one must be aware of this aspect if one wishes to make a distinct place in the society one breathes in.