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  • Multi-step inequalities, solving and graphing

    12.05.2012 16 0

    Algebra 1 Linear Inequalities Mod E

    Multi-step inequalities, solving and graphing

    http://www.freemathvideos.com In this video series I show you how to solve a multi-step inequality by simplifying and using inverse operations. We solve multi-step inequalities in the same process we solve equations. The difference is that our solution is a set of numbers of numbers rather than one single solution. To represent our solutions we use a graph. We use test points to test help us determine where to shade our solutions on the graph. This is a video of a teacher MrBrianMcLogan showing the solution of how to solve a math problem in front of a live class. The example is random and free as is all of the information I provide. I hope that you subscribe to my channel and also visit my other websites where you can follow the most current information from MrBrianMcLogan. Tubler: mrbrianmclogan.tumblr.com, Blogger: mrbrianmclogan.blogspot.com, Twitter: @mrbrianmclogan, Facebook: mrbrianmclogan algebra math help videos and mrbrianmclogan pre-calc math help videos Youtube: youtube.com/mrbrianmclogan