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  • 2.5 Finding the zeros of the polynomial

    12.11.2012 19 0

    Pre Calculus 2.5 Zeros of Polynomial Functions

    2.5 Finding the zeros of the polynomial

    http://www.freemathivideos.com In this video series I show you how to find the zeros of a polynomial by using the rational root test, synthetic division Descartes rule of signs, factoring and also quadratic formula. Since their are many different routes to take when finding the zeros it is important that you analyze the problem and decide the best method to use. presents: Learn math your way. My mission is to provide quality math education to everyone that is willing to receive it. This video is only a portion of a video course I have created as a math teacher. Please visit my website to join my mailing list, download my new e-book, watch all of my free videos or register for one of my online courses. Thanks for watching and to your success.