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  • 3D Modeling and Animation

    10.19.2012 1 1

    Thomas Dale High School Technical Design and Illustration

    3D Modeling and Animation

    Students gain experiences related to computer animation by using graphics and design concepts. Students solve problems involving 3-D object manipulation, storyboarding, texturing/mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry. Students create a variety of animations that reflect real-world applications and are introduced to interactive and 3-D animation software. Production of a portfolio showcasing examples of original student work is included.

    Studentsalso  use a graphic language for product design and technical illustration. They increase their understanding of drawing techniques learned in the prerequisite courses. They research design-related fields while identifying the role of advanced drawing and design in manufacturing and construction industry processes. They apply the design process, analyze design solutions, reverse engineer products, create 3-D solid models using CADD, construct physical models, and create multimedia presentations of finished designs. They complete a work portfolio based on a chosen graphic project.

  • Architectural Drawing

    10.19.2012 2 1

    Thomas Dale High School Technical Design and Illustration

    Architectural Drawing

    Students explore architectural design foundations and increase understanding in working drawings, construction techniques, and codes regulating building design.  They learn the design process abd pply these lements and principles of design to architectural projects.  Through producing models,  and illustrations of all aspects of a building, students create  architectural design solutions using CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design).