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  • How To Build Nice Curves - Obey This 1 Rule

    10.10.2012 1 0

    School of Weight Loss

    How To Build Nice Curves - Obey This 1 Rule

    1 rule to build nice curves - obey: http://insanehomefatloss.com/?c=3&k=351 Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for joining us on insanehomefatloss. In this video, Lindsey will reveal the true secret in creating the nice curves and shape women always wanted. Most women think that by just doing tons of cardio, you will start losing fat and your body will automatically get into great shape. That is not true at all, the key to creating great shape and curves is strictly from muscles that you gain from your exercise program. Now one of the biggest worries of women is, "I don't want to get bulky from gaining muscles." Well, Lindsey is going to show you why you have nothing to worry about. In fact, Lindsey will show you how weight training will help you lose fat and keep in great shape. So, press play and lets do this. Video Breakdown: A males and female's genetics are built totally different, It is impossible for women to gain massive amount of muscles to where you will look bulky. Some Facts: ? Female bodybuilders - In order for these women to gain a large amount of muscles, they take males hormones (Anabolic Steroids) to mimic the natural testosterone effects that a male produces. ? Female power-lifter - They do the same and female bodybuilders with taking males hormones and is eating a very large sum of calories. Benefits of building muscles - Building muscles give you shape, curves and increase of metabolism. Muscles do not cause bulk. If your diet is poor and you are consuming a large amount of calories, that's what the bulk is from. The weight training exercises it self is burning calories and preventing muscle loss, it's not meant creates bulk. So remember that building muscles is just as important to men as it is for women. Learn how you could build your sexy curves and burn maximum amount fat at the same time. And if you want to get sexy curves FAST, watch this video now: http://insanehomefatloss.com/?c=3&k=351