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FurtherEd TV - Fridays @ 10:00am on Ustream

FurtherEd TV - Fridays @ 10:00am on Ustream

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FurtherEd, formerly Lawline, airs weekly on Ustream, showcasing the efforts of thought leaders operating in the domain of learning and growth.

Day: Every Friday
Time: 10:00 - 10:30am

At FurtherEd, our mission is to deliver knowledge to the world to inspire change. Why? Because we believe change leads to personal growth. Each week we look at educators and innovators who believe that knowledge is power, and change is imperative.


  • -Teachers Unions & the Last In First Out Rule

    01.28.2013 1 0

    -Teachers Unions & the Last In First Out Rule

    The threatened budget cuts in public education will lead to major teacher layoffs. Today we will look at the effects the cuts will have on students, teachers, and the unions. Our guests are Bryan Glass, former attorney for New York State's Teachers Union and practicing privately representing teachers, Betsy Combier, New York City "Rubber Room Reporter" and founder of ParentAdvocates.org, and Michael Mazzariello, former Chief Prosecutor for the NYC Board of Education.

  • Sex & Power - A Volatile Mix

    01.28.2013 1 0

    Sex & Power - A Volatile Mix

    Today we will discuss why high-powered individuals engage in risky behavior that leads to their ultimate downfall. Are guests are Susan Lipkins, psychologist and "Sexpert," and Melinda Sarafa, a criminal defense attorney.