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  1. Securifi Almond Range Extender Demo
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    • The Almond touch screen wireless router comes with a Wizard that appears the first time you plug it in. Here we'll see how to set up Almond as a range extender for an existing router. Flip
    • Step 1 explains that Almond comes with a built-in stylus to help you navigate the touch screen in case your fingers don't work well. Flip
    • Step 2 asks: How do you want to use Almond? You have two options: 1) as a router, or 2) as a range extender. Flip
    • Step 3 displays all the wireless routers in your vicinity and asks you to choose yours from the list. Flip
    • Once you've picked your router, Step 4 asks you to enter its security password. Flip
    • Almond displays a virtual QWERTY keyboard to enable you to enter your password as any combination of letters, numerals, or special characters. Flip
    • Step 4 concludes by asking you to verify your password as you've entered it. Flip
    • Once you accept your password, Almond works through its own 4-step process to 1) save your settings, 2) find your router, 3) receive an IP address, and 4) connect to the router. Flip
    • That's it! In 2 1/2 minutes you've set up Almond as a range extender for your router and you didn't need to turn on a PC to do it. Flip