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  • Integrating YouTube into the Classroom

    11.28.2012 1 32

    Integrating YouTube into the Classroom

    Integrating YouTube into the Classroom ... David Schnurman, CEO of teachem A presentation at #globaled12 http://www.globaleducationconference.com November 2012 This session will reveal how to organize YouTube EDU's 900,000 videos in a meaningful way and effectively integrate them into both live and online classes. "YouTube EDU is a platform that, if organized and used the right way, is a game changer for teachers around the world. While it is a tremendous resource for educational content in all languages, its real success for schools will be its open API. This will allow developers and teachers to work together to build layers upon YouTube to effectively allow students to learn, retain and share knowledge. This session will address how teachem is doing this, ideas to push the envelope even further, and the significant impact these types of platforms will have for teachers and future learners worldwide."