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  1. Tumblr For The Class News!!!
    • Why Tumblr for schools...
      1. Quick! Takes 5 minutes to start up!
    • It's Free!
      1. Free is always great!
    • Because it's Popular....
      1. There are a lot of apps like TumbleGear which follows your dashboard.
    • It's Easy to Use
      1. Upload a link, type text, post a video or a photo and even have more than one author.
    • What are Tags?
      1. It's a way of making enriched content for all who look for certain subjects or words.
    • Very customizable
      1. Easy to allow your audience to share the way they choose. Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Facebook.
    • Thank you
      1. for checking out my ideas on using Tumblr for schools.
  2. Going Digital with Information
    • Hi
      1. Glad you are here =)
    • Who will benefit from the closeness that we gain through technology. Just by a couple free services we will be able to connect, share and learn.
      1. Our Community: Parents, Teachers, Students and Principals
    • How would parents traditionally find news or information about your school?
      1. They would "Google it". A traditional stationary website is still needed. It still gives us a place for links about our teaching staff and programs. They would also call the school. Call teachers, email teachers or just wait for the information. Oft
    • What else do classrooms usually have?
      1. Usually a photosharing site such as Shutterfly and a paper newsletter with information once a week.
    • What about the idea of using a Tumblr?
      1. There was so much information coming home with three kids at two different schools...I thought I would take a picture and post it...so the information was easy to access and others had the information too.
    • Parents have the options to remember information in new ways (#choices are good!)
      1. Parents can like a post and it will be sent to their Facebook Wall for easy access.
    • Other uses of Facebook...
      1. Increase the exposure of school happenings. If there is a fundraiser now all of my friends will become aware of it. Therefore increase ability to raise money.
    • The idea that strings it all together....
      1. Pinterest...one of the fastest growing website out there. The app is already free!!! Parents now can access all of these links with a touch of a button...and it looks AWESOME!
    • What is available on the Pinterest account for the school?
      1. All about the school...whats for lunch, JiJi math, Accelerate Reader, all about their Preschool, Preppy K and so much more!!!!!!
    • Each grade hopefully will have their own board
      1. That way parents will be able to follow boards that are relevant to their family
    • Ways to humanize yourself with the community and parents.
      1. We are all creating a story and it's social!
    • Thank you!
      1. For #LearningSomethingNew
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  8. How to create a QR code
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  11. How to Capture Screenshoots and Post a Pins
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