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Boxing 101

Boxing 101

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Ever wonder how to box like a pro?  What's the difference between a right-cross and a right hook?  Learn all the basics you will need to get started as a boxer!

  • Proper Breathing Techniques

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    Proper Breathing Techniques

    Former WEC Lightweight Champion Razor Rob McCullough teaches proper breathing techniques when punching and kicking. Exhale once for every punch through the nose and inhale through the nose.

  • The Punches

    10.02.2012 4 6

    The Punches

    http://www.Punching.com - Hooks are part of the Perfect Punch MMA Workout DVD: Jay Glazer takes you through the basic strikes in MMA and then puts you through a tough 15 minute MMA workout...

  • What is the affect on the human body?

    10.02.2012 1 3

    What is the affect on the human body?

    http://www.AestheticWorld.com Want shredded 6 pack abs? Learn rock hard muscle? Get the nutrition and training programs from the worlds best bodybuilders and fitness models! http://www.facebook.com/aestheticworldcom A scientific approach to knocking someone out. K.O your opponent in a fight. This video is property of National Geographic.