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University or Learning Institution

If you are already sharing your classes on YouTube you are ahead of the game. If not, no worries: Just upload your videos to YouTube with an unlisted URL (see here) and add them to your private school on teachem. The only people who will ever have access to the videos are your students.

Benefits of Using Teachem for Universities

  • Easily organize your classes into categories for faster access
  • Private schools give access only to students with your school's email address
  • Public schools give access to everyone as a MOOC
  • Easily create a separate school for each subject, class, or subtopic. The possibilities are endless.
  • Add time-stamped flashcards and review questions for each class to enhance the learning experience.
  • Cost to you: nothing. Couldn't be more free.


Whether you're a teacher in an organized setting such as a university or you just teach on your own through an organization like SkillShare, now you have an easy way to share your subject matter outside of the classroom. You can either create classes from your own collection or easily add any YouTube video on your topic of choice. Think of it has having thousands of expert guest speakers at your fingertips. Add your timestamped flashcards at any point to any videos. You can have as many schools as you want, making them open to the public or restricted just to your class. And it won't cost you a cent.

Companies & Organizations


Have you been itching for better form of internal training for your staff? Easily add all your internal training videos and organize them into custom categories. You can also add YouTube videos from outside experts and turn them into classes for your team. While you're at it, restrict your school so that only members of your company can view your classes. No more itch, right?


Do you have screencasts or videos on your FAQ, on YouTube, or on your blog to help customers use your website? If so, now you can have an interactive school that explains the whole thing. When customers enroll they will get notified as you update your product. Want an example? Who wouldn't. Click here to check out the teachem school. Best part: couldn't be free-er.


Are you a coach, trainer, professional or consultant? Wouldn't it be great to have a way to share even more knowledge with even more people? Create a private school, just for your clients to see. Create a public school and word of your expertise has never traveled faster. Too bad it's so expensive. Oh wait. It's free.




Creating Your Own School

The secret about teachem is it was really made for the learner. With 700,000+ educational videos on YouTube it is the ultimate classroom. By creating your own school you can easily build a body of knowledge from all the videos you turn into classes. The process of creating flashcards and review questions for your future students makes it easier for you to retain the information as well. The student has become the master.

Being a Student

Ok, as a student you have it made. Time-stamped flashcards and SmartNotes™ allow you learn through interacting with the classes. Later, you can study the flashcards and take a review exam to test your knowledge. Plus, you can easily share your SmartNotes with your peers. The more organized you are as a learner the more you will retain. Plus... it's free. Free knowledge. Straight up. For you. Courtesy of teachem.